Events Checklist

Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything with our handy events checklist!

Events Checklist by Elysium Events

    • Event Management – If you have hired an event manager, have regular meetings in the run up to the event to make sure everthing is going according to plan. Then take a step back and let them organise everything for you. That’s their job!
    • Transport – You might need to transport you and your team to and from the event. Have a look at our car hire page for a range of options.
    • Party Planning – book sound and lighting engineers to create a party to remember. Don’t forget catering and drinks. Check you have enough food and drinks for all of your guests. You my need to hire waiters and bar staff if not supplied by your venue. Make sure your venue is licensed for alcohol.
    • Venue – No matter what type of event you’re planning on hosting, whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate event, always make sure you book your venue well ahead of the proposed date. Venues, such as a Sydney harbour cruise, are always incredibly high in-demand. Make sure you aren’t left disappointed.
    • Marketing – you need to get news of your event out there so it’s a sell out! A solid marketing strategy is essential. you can hire an expert to do it for you or focus your time on building up social networks and utilising a blog.

Make sure you and your team look good!

Cosmetic Treatments in LondonDo you have uniforms or branded clothing for your staff to wear? You need to represent your event by looking as good as possible.

As the host of the event you will definitely be the centre of attention. Make the most of it by creating a showstopping look. Buy a new outfit, get your hair done and plan your accessories.

Why not treat yourself to a pampering session before your event?

Book yourself in for a semi-permanent makeup treatment. See more information here.

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