10 ways to increase your brand awareness at events

Here are our top tips:

Why is branding important?

You will want people to remember your brand and an easy way of doing this is by having branded clothes. Think of a time where you were with a friend and automatically were able to tell what brand of shoe they were wearing. The same way you were able to quickly identify the brand is how you would want others to remember your brand, therefore it is important to have a logo or uniform and this creates brand awareness.

Offer your guests something unique

Break the ice with a unique photo opportunity. A photo booth offers your guests a great experience, whilst showing them how innovative your brand is. Photo booths have been designed to create a fun, yet subtle way to engage co-workers with your team.

Photo booths have become the must-have package at all corporate events. We recommend the Elegance Booth from The Party Starts in Sydney for your photo booth hire. Read more information.

Brand yourself on social media

Sharing the event on social media will definitely draw attention to the evening and can interest potential clients and investors to the event which can help you pitch your business. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer a free of charge platform to promote a business by building their brand and audience. Find out more.

Invest in branded merchandise

Small gifts are the perfect way to thank customers for their business whilst strongly representing your business. Products such as mugs, phone cases and key rings and here you will be able to include your company brand, logo and contact details.

It is important to invest in products that are made well and will last the customer, giving low quality products to customers will reflect badly on your business. We recommend using Wrappz for your branded merchandise needs. They have a range of products available for editing where you can add photos, text and colours, all of which you can choose to represent your business. They even stock the most recent releases such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus. Start shopping today.

Sell your business

When hosting the event, it is vital that your company employees work the room and socialise. Ask your employees to promote the business to those who have attended, and you never know, they could soon become customers. Train your team.

Building a relationship with the event participants is a great way of generating feedback on the business and what others feel needs doing to improve sales and success.

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