What’s on offer at Elysium Events?

Here at Elysium Events, we can provide advice for locations suitable for a range of entertainment types including music sets. All venues are suitable for indoor and outdoor fireworks as well as other ranges of entertainment. See: Event Management.

Why are fireworks so popular during an event?

Fireworks are the perfect end celebrations at the special event that you’ve been hosting at any time of the year. They can make any occasion memorable and magical – everybody is bound to enjoy them. Need help planning your party? Click here.

Fireworks Shop can tailor your fireworks to suit any event, style and occasion. With a range of fireworks to choose from, you are sure to end the night with a bang accommodated with many effects, colours, shapes and sounds. Buy your fireworks for sale here!

Below are the most popular fireworks available:

  • Barrage
  • Rockets
  • Fountains
  • Catherine wheels
  • Mines
  • Roman candles
  • Strobes

Catering designed to your needs

For venues where catering isn’t provided within the asking price, we organise a private caterer that meets your needs for the evening. Any style of food and drink that you request, our team will find the best catering business within the local area and we will negotiate an affordable and realistic price.

If you would like a specific menu created for your event, then One Pot Catering can organise this for you. This Sydney based company has years of experience creating stunning menus for events, parties and weddings.

Professional event photography

We have our very own photographer suitable for any events. Any occasion, including weddings, anniversaries and birthdays – we will capture the photos in your desired style and once they have been developed within the same week, they will be posted to your address. Discover photography services.